Brighton & Hove Albion FC Stadium

Project Location

Falmer or AMEX Stadium

Main Contractor

Buckingham Group

Project Background

Preparation work began on the site on 17th December 2008 to build the new 22,000 all seated stadium. The stadium itself is set 3 storeys into the ground so a great deal of preliminary work was required before contruction could commence, including excavating 138,000 cubic metres of chalk. The brand new £60 million stadium not only provides a home for Brighton & Hove Football Club but is also designed to play host to other sports including hockey and rugby as well as music concerts.


Products are being used to seal both internal and external areas of the stadium.

Externally they have been used on the terracing on the treads and rises, the joint sizes for which average 25-30mm wide and 10-15mm deep on the verticals and 15-20mm wide by 8-10mm deep on the horizontals. The system used was: for the back seal Fire Sealant 400 applied to give the terracing a fire rating of up to an hour. For the top seal Hybriflex SMP was used to provide a tougher seal for foot traffic but still have the movement accommodation to cope with the thermal movement within the pre-cast concrete and steel framework of the structure. Where the horizontal seal was not trafficked over, behind the seats 825 LM silicone was used as the top seal instead of Hybriflex SMP.

Internally, the S50 sanitary silicone was used to seal around all the sanitary units, basins, toilets, tiled areas to provide a watertight seal with a mould resistant sealant containing a fungicide – average joint size ranged from 6 – 12mm.

Brighton & Hove Albion FC Stadium Brighton & Hove Albion FC Stadium Brighton & Hove Albion FC Stadium Brighton & Hove Albion FC Stadium Brighton & Hove Albion FC Stadium

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Project Start Date

November 2009

Project Completion Date

May 2011

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