Colchester University

Project Location

Colchester, Essex

Main Contractor

Phelans Contracting

Project Background

The University has put into place a 7 year remedial project to cut back and replace all external sealant work found on their key municipal buildings, the substrates for which had become very dirty along with some of the mastic joints breaking down (see pictures before work and after).


The main science block building elevation 1 has now been fully completed for now, although another 2 years of work is still planned for other blocks on site, totalling approximately 6,000m for the total scope of works.


The main building concrete facade substrates where firstly steam cleaned using a high pressure washer to remove dirt and grime off the existing stonework. During this process much of the failed sealant was also loosened in the cleaning action. The remaining old sealant was cut back as far as possible before the new sealant could be applied. S50 manhattan grey was then used to seal around the aluminium windows, using a 20mm – 30mm fillet capping joint, chosen for the preferred colour match by the client. 825 LM silicone in Limestone White was used to seal the 30mm vertical concrete slab expansion butt joints, with the Portland Stone being used to seal the 20mm horizontal head coloumn joints in the concrete facade.

Colchester University Colchester University Colchester University Colchester University Colchester University

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Project Start Date

Summer 2008

Project Completion Date

Summer 2015

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