H.M.P. Shotts

Project Location

Newmill, Shotts, Scotland

Main Contractor


Project Background

HMP Shotts is a new build maximum prison in Scotland’s country side. The construction is to be done in 2 phases.

Phase one is to hold up to 500 inmates. On completion of phase 1 phase 2 will begin. On finishing the whole project the old existing prison is to be demolished.

Phase 1 has now been completed, Phase 2 is being carried out with a different company.


  • Firesealant 300 was used in internal block work joint where fire integrity was required.
  • Stayseal np 75 was used in all cell areas due to it being a  NON PICK material.
  • Antipick 109 was used in all corridors around lighting, riser doors, floor perimeters.
  • Silicone s50 was used in the kitchen areas due to its mould resistance .
  • Hybriflex FL was used in an internal floor slab to seal saw cuts.
H.M.P. Shotts

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Project Start Date

July 2009

Project Completion Date

Phase 2 just starting

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