Millennium Stadium

Project Location


Main Contractor

Millennium Stadium PLC.

Project Background

Stadium is 15 years old and was experiencing water ingress through the concrete terracing, as some of the expansion joints had failed from the original application. The project is based over a year and a half approximately, and is to cut out and reseal all expansion joints and other required areas on all three stadium tiers. This is to be split over different phases to accommodate the stadium being used for events – Rugby League World Cup and Rugby Union Six Nations etc.


Phase 1 is now completed with all passageways and step areas being cut out and resealed on the top tier (stadium level 6), approximately 2,000m.

Phase 2 was the cut out and reseal of approximately 3,500 of the original vertical stadium expansion joints, varying from 30-50mm wide, as well as some 20-25mm fillet joints on the steps. This has now been fully completed, so the whole of the top tier (stadium level 6) has now been cut out and resealed.

Phase 3 is due to start in June, which will be the cut out and reseal of the middle tier (stadium levels 3 and 4), plus possible cut out and reseal of concourse floor to wall joints.

Phase 4 will be the cut out and reseal of the lower tier (stadium levels 1 and 2).

Millennium Stadium Millennium Stadium Millennium Stadium Millennium Stadium

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Project Start Date

October 2013

Project Completion Date

Phases 1 and 2 now completed January 2014 - Phase 3 on middle tier due to start in June 2015 - Phase 4 tbc

Products Used (click to view)

Product Usage

1600 foils approx. x Hybriflex FR