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The Royal London Hospital was founded in September 1740, originally known as The London Infirmary. The project was to expand and update the hospital by building 3 new hospital towers in the center of London, North Tower (10 floors), Central and South Towers (both 16 floors). The new Royal London Hospital is a state of the art healthcare facility, and is home to a range of specialist services.
Application of silicone sealant in interior areas of wards, hallways, toilets, sanitary areas, worktops, specialist high anti-bacterial areas.


  • S50 white – interior upvc window frames/cills, all toilet&sanitary units, all worktop desk areas inside the wards and hallways. 10mmx6mm fillet joints throughout.
  • S50 trans – used to vertically seal behind the stainless steal bed pan washers to the wall
  • Foreversafe  white– all utility rooms where higher level of anti-bacterial required – eg xray rooms, cardiology rooms etc. as well as the bedheads in each ward. 10mmx6mm fillet joints throughout.
Royal London Hospital Royal London Hospital Royal London Hospital Royal London Hospital Royal London Hospital

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Project Start Date

April 2011

Project Completion Date

July 2011

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