Watford FC Stadium

Project Location

Watford FC Stadium

Main Contractor

GL Events Seating and Stadia, Derbyshire

Project Background

This project is the new build construction of a 4,000 capacity all seater main stand, at the existing Watford FC stadium.



The sealant work carried out has been as follows:

Horizontal joints behind seats, ranging from 10mm – 15mm wide : this has been done using our Fire Sealant 400 silicone in grey.

Vertical expansion butt joints between precast concrete, covering the treds and risers, and around concrete step areas ranging from 15mm up to 35mm in width at the widest point: this has been done using our Hybriflex FR in grey.

Watford FC Stadium Watford FC Stadium Watford FC Stadium

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Project Start Date

January 2014

Project Completion Date

November 2014

Products Used (click to view)

Product Usage

3,000m of mastic works carried out.