Hybriflex 25LM

Low Modulus Construction Sealant


Hybriflex 25LM is a one part low modulus building sealant based on hybrid polymer technology. Product may be over painted after application.*
Tested to ISO11600 class: F 25LM.

Recommended For

  • Perimeter pointing of uPVC and all window/door frames.
  • For expansion joints in brick, stone and concrete.
  • Weather sealing applications.
  • For parapet and roofline sealing.
  • Weatherproofing sealing to most external applications.
  • Construction and dilation joints where stress does not occur until fully cured.

Specification Compliances

Meets the requirements of ISO11600 F25LM.

CE Marked to EN15651-1 class F25LM.


Available in

380ml Cartridges in the following colours:


Store between +5˚C and +25˚C in dry conditions. Exposure to higher/lower temperatures will dramatically reduce shelf life.

Shelf life

Use within 12 months.