Hybriflex 55

Building and Construction Adhesive


HYBRIFLEX 55 is a one part, neutral cure, hybrid polymer based adhesive which adheres to most common building substrates. Used for general bonding and sealing in industry, engineering, construction, automotive, marine and O.E.M markets.


  • High bond strength.
  • Permanently Flexible.
  • Over paintable with most common paint types.
  • Can be applied to wet surfaces.
  • Chemical resistant to acids/alkalis, petrol etc
  • Excellent initial grab properties.

Recommended For

  • Bonding and sealing in construction joints.
  • Automotive seam sealing and bonding. Jointing cladding panels.
  • Internal/external pointing of window and door frames.
  • For expansion joints in brick, stone and concrete.
  • Parapet and roofline sealing.
  • Weather sealing in most external applications.

Specification Compliances

  • HYBRIFLEX 55 has excellent primerless adhesion to most common building substrates.
  • When overpainting, a compatibility test should be carried out prior to full application.
  • Neutral cure system, silicone, halogen and Isocyanate free.

Available in

600ml Foil Packs, available in the following colours:


Store in cool, dry conditions between +5˚C and +25˚C. Storage outside these parameters will dramatically reduce shelf life.

Shelf life

12 months from date of manufacture when stored as directed.

Foil Pack Applicator Gun

The Foil Pack applicator gun is designed for use with foil packs, the enclosed aluminium barrel can also be used for standard cartridges.

Foil Pack Applicator Gun.