Joint Backer Rod

Polyethylene Foam Material


Joint Backer Rod is a non absorbent, compressible grey closed cell polyethylene (P.E) foam backup material.


  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Reduces sealant usage
  • Improves sealant performance by obtaining easily the correct joint dimensions.
  • Flexible – won’t bubble or blister.

Recommended For

  • For reducing the depth of joints in construction/glazing use.
  • Creating a backstop to allow proper sealant   tooling.

MSDS & Technical Datasheets

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Technical Datasheet

Available in

Available in grey in the following sizes:

10mm Diameter x 1150 Mtr
13mm Diameter x 750 Mtr
15mm Diameter x 550 Mtr
20mm Diameter x 350 Mtr
25mm Diameter x 200 Mtr
30mm Diameter x 160 Mtr

Loose rolls packed in a box


Store in original container in cool dry conditions away from sunlight.