Sealant Primer NP2

For Non Porous Surfaces


Sealant Primer NP2 is a solvent based, polyorganosiloxane primer for use on Non Porous surfaces prior to applying all common types of silicone, polyurethane and hybrid sealants.


  • Works on most common non porous building materials.
  • Works with all common silicone types.
  • Can also be used with PU and hybrid based sealants.

Recommended For

  • Glass
  • uPVC
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Ceramics

Available in

1Ltr tins


Store in cool, dry conditions between +5 and +25˚C. Ensure good ventilation. Storage outside these parameters will dramatically reduce shelf life. Opened tins must be closed airtight and used up as soon as possible (within 1 month)

Shelf life

12 months from date of manufacture. In original, unopened containers.