Silicone HM60

Mid Modulus Acetoxy Cure Sealant


Silicone HM 60 is a mid modulus, acetoxy curing silicone sealant that contains a powerful anti fungal compound to prevent mould and fungal growth in areas of high humidity. Specifically designed for use in bathrooms and kitchens and other sanitary areas.


  • High viscosity formula for quick easy tooling .
  • Flexible – movement accommodation of +/- 25%.
  • Waterproof seal.
  • Contains a powerful anti fungal compound to prevent mould growth.

Recommended For

  • Sealing around all kitchen and bathroom sanitary areas.
  • Expansion joint and corner sealing of ceramic tiles.
  • Sealing around sanitary fittings in domestic and municipal applications.
  • General sealing in areas subject to high humidity levels.

Specification Compliances

Conforms to ISO 11600 F/G 25 LM

CE marked under EN15651 parts 1, 2, 3 façade, glazing  and sanitary also cold climate.


Available in

310ml Cartridges in the following colours:


Store in cool dry conditions between + 5˚C and 25˚C.

Shelf life

Use within 24 months.