Project Specification

Over the years Everbuild have worked continuously to ensure that the Tecnic range caters to all possible specification needs. Working with a large spectrum of customers, on a varied range of projects and industries, Everbuild have a wealth of experience in the sector ensuring that not only is the quality and standard of our products high but so is our service.

Here at Everbuild we are aware that each building project has very different needs and requirements with regards to specific substrates, joint sizes, types of joint etc. Therefore, before any negotiations take place one of our dedicated specification managers will be at your service to either come on site or look at the building plans and advise you on the best suited Everbuild product for your application. Having worked in the industry for a long period of time, our specification managers are expertly trained to provide our customers with the best product and application knowledge in the business.

After discussing the requirements of the project with the customer and assessing the job’s needs the manager will put together a specification for each individual job. This will include things such as product recommendations, what each particular product will be used for, the reasons for this use and application instructions.

This procedure is put in place to ensure that the project reaches the highest standard of sealant work possible and leaves the customer completely satisfied with both the finish and with Everbuild’s service and dedication.